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The online trading app that trades skill for hype merchandise.

Fantasy Sneaker League is a digital trading game based on the shoe resale market. Its fantasy sports meets the fantasy stock market – but for athletic shoes!

Sneakerheads, rejoice!

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Here’s how it works

The goal of each individual game is to compete against other players by trading virtual sneakers to make the most profit. The winner of each game will be rewarded with a prize. Prizes are designated at the beginning of each new game that you play and can range from a T-shirt to a pair of coveted sneakers (yes, even the ones you’ve been keeping an eye on for months)!

You’ll want to keep tabs on the app and our Weekly Drop so you don’t miss out on great merchandise.

How to Join a Daily Game

When you see the words Daily Games on the app, you can join by tapping the Play Now button. After you tap the button the game immediately starts.

How to Join a Drop Game

When you see the words Drop on the app, the game with cool rewards is incoming. Game slots are limited so use the Ticket to secure the Drop Game slot by tapping Secure slot button.

If you do not have a Ticket you may also join as soon as the Drop Game opens. However there will be a lot of other players joining at the same time so it may be tricky.

The game starts according to the information on drop game card.

How to get the Ticket for a Drop Game

Complete Daily Games to earn points. The higher your position is in ranking the bigger is the chance to get the Ticket reward at the end of the day.

You may posses one ticket at a time, the Ticket is valid for 24h.

Trace Your Progress

After the Game starts, you can trace time left, current profit and cash balance at the top of the screen.

My Sneakers – What You Have to Trade

This tab shows your currently owned roster of digital sneakers as well as their prospective profit/loss since you acquired them.

Tap on the digital picture of a shoe to display its details. From there you can buy and sell virtual shoes depending on how much profit you think they might make.

Shoe details - tap on the owned shoe card to display its details. From there you sell virtual shoes depending on how much profit you think they might make.

The market

Once you are in a game, it is time to make some virtual money by compiling a roster of sneakers that is more valuable than the collection held by your opponents!

The Market is where all available sneakers in the game are located and available for you to purchase!

Filters - use filters to narrow the list to your needs e.g. display only shoes you can afford at this time.

Buy and selling shoes

Buy - sort through the market and click on a shoe to view the details. If it looks like a good purchase, click Buy button.
Sell - if you wish to sell and keep your profit/loss, click Sell button.

Note that these are all virtual purchases and sales, and such actions along with the dollar values listed, are for game play purposes only. There is no cash value. You do not have to pay us real currency to buy these digital shoes, nor will we pay you any “profits” you may make in real currency.


Check the graph regularly to detect prize trends so you can make the best possible decision when buying virtual sneakers.

Game summary

Once the game is over you will see Game Summary screen with extensive information about the game.

Final rank and profit history - tap here to see transaction history from the game start till the end.
Claim your reward - if you win this game tap Claim Your Reward button to provide shipment details.
Ranking - tap this card to see full rankings and movement of players in the game, as well as who is currently online.

Providing shipping details

Fill out the necessary fields such as Prize Variant, Name, Phone Number, Full Address and Country, and your prize will be shipped out to you immediately!

And that’s all that you need to know to play Fantasy Sneaker League.

Now, it’s your turn

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Play the Game!