Our goal was to create a platform where Sneakerheads from all over could come test their knowledge of the resale market in a chance to win Shoes and other Merchandise, while creating a platform for new and existing brands to get their name and message to a large audience.

It began
with an Idea

When founder Craig Yarde discovered that his son, Devin, had been purchasing and reselling sneakers from around the world for a profit, an idea hit him.

Instead of hanging out with thousands of others on retail resale sites waiting for your favorite shoes to drop, imagine if you could win that same pair just by playing a free game.

Fantasy Sneaker League was born

As someone who had long been involved with trading on the stock market, Craig came up with the idea for an app that used principles of trading combined with the interest built up in the resale shoe market.

By bringing together shoes and other real merchandise from around the world to users of his app, Craig saw the opportunity to help businesses around the globe gain a new platform for their goods, plus get great new merchandise into eager new hands.

No fakes. No unwanted prizes. Fantasy Sneaker League was designed to provide only the best of what’s available on the market.

The game

Using a patented algorithm that mimic’s real market trading, FSL invites players to use skill and savvy to trade shoes for profit. Played as a single game or within a league, players now have the ability to win real hype in real time.

What could be better?

What started as a way to introduce friendly competition so you could win amazing sneakers, FSL has grown into platform that brings together merchandise, sneakers, community and connection amongst its users, sponsors and providers.